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Soil: Rolled pebbles on gravelly zaffer.
Surface area: 1.3 ha.
Grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Carignan.

Harvest: Mid-September

Vinification: The grapes are mixed at the time of harvest.
Fermentation lasts approximately 15 days for a destemmed harvest, with the wine being pumped over the cap 2 to 3 times per day and at a temperature of 26 °C maximum.
Malolactic fermentation then takes place in a concrete tank.

Conservation: 5 years

Red 2O17, Cuvée Léandre
The wine has an intense purple colour with garnet highlights. The initial nose is slightly restricted or even closed; it needs air, just a little time, which is not surprising for this 2017 vintage that is full of life but still constrained by the vat, as well as the bottle. The palate is lively and acidulated although still in perfect balance with the wine's structure. Once the wine has totally “invaded” the palate, this acidulated aspect yields to a fresh and fruity impression… 2017, one mustn't forget. Extreme length, a wonderful presence, a certain minerality, the stones of Plan de Dieu are detectable, the limestone, the terroir, the wild cry of the garrigue… how can such an austere, windswept soil offer so much subtlety…. Once again, this appellation surprises us and improves in quality year after year. The perfect balance between acidity, structure, tannins and full-bodiedness, one may wonder where the alcohol went; it remains discrete, hidden by this extraordinary freshness. There is a touch of grain, lamb's lettuce, and consistency within a selection of red fruit in which blackcurrant dominates, followed by elderberry and blueberry.

Keep this wine for a few years, open a bottle from time to time to enjoy watching it evolve.
Dishes served in sauce, stews, bull...