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Surface area
located on the Farguerol plateau.

Grape varieties

From September 1Oth to 15th depending on grape maturity. Manual picking and selection.

Traditional vinification with partial stripping. Temperature-controlled fermentation for at least 12 days in 1OO-hl stainless steel tanks.
Slight plate filtration during the bottling operation, as required. Storage in demi-muid barrels for 12 months.

Length of storage
1O-15 years

Red 2017
The colour is dark, but not excessively so, (Châteauneuf du Pape wines do not necessarily need exceptional colour to be distinctive). The initial nose immediately reveals aging in oak barrels made with staves of very high quality, so refined and complex is the expression. This powerful nose already foretells a supple, round structure... the use of wood is a real miracle for wine when the practice is perfectly mastered; this is exactly the case here where the oak, and the micro-oxygenation that it brings about, sublimate all aromas revealing the full potential of the wine! Once again, this vintage shines with its typicality: undergrowth, truffle, toast, light notes of vanilla; red fruit: redcurrants, raspberries, sour cherries... maintain an acidity that promotes endless length on the palate, evoking Pinot noir... Tannins are present but round; the wood has done a good job of rounding off the edges. The balance between tannins and acidity is perfect and will allow you to keep this vintage for ten years, twenty years...? Be sure to let us know... in any case, keep the faith, be patient, and one day you (and your children) will be rewarded!

To be enjoyed at 18 °C, with pigeon, partridge, coq au vin, jellied beef, etc.