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Surface area
14 hectares

1OO% Merlot

Second half of September. The monitoring of grape maturity begins one month before the harvests. Hand picking and selection.

Traditional vinification with alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Short vatting to obtain fruity and delicate wines.

5 years.

Merlot 2O14
The colour is deep, very rich in colouring matter, ranging from dark garnet red at the centre of the glass to violet tones at the meniscus.

The nose is fruit-driven, a lot of fruit on a background of oven-baked red bell pepper and hints of damp earth; this blend of styles will awaken your curiosity and make you want to learn more... It is very soft on the attack, with good amplitude and abundant rounded character; it's not exactly about weight and texture, but simply a perfect balance between ideally silky tannins and acidity that is not overpowering. One cannot speak of fruit juice, but rather of “wine juice”, resulting in a wine with a fruit juice structure…

With that in mind, don't hesitate to enjoy it somewhat cool, 15-16 °C, and maintain it at this temperature throughout the meal. Ideal for festive dinners. Enjoy it with simple grilled meats, chipolata, sausages with herbs, and Toulouse sausages, etc., as well as with cold dishes and brie. And don't forget the vegetables, for example with sautéed zucchini cut into thin lengthwise strips, with a touch of garlic juice, chopped basil leaves and a few shavings of Parmesan...