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Clay-like and calcareous.

Surface area
5 hectares.

Grape varieties
Grenache, Syrah, Vieux Carignan.

Harvesting begins in early October. Hand picking and selection.

Stripping, no skin-contact maceration, traditional temperature-controlled vinification.

5-6 years.

Red 2O14
The colour is deep garnet red, highlighted by superb brightness. The nose immediately unveils an bouquet of red fruits, with a nod toward blackcurrant and blackberry. This wine is rich, generous, concentrated, even unruly, and swirling it allows you to discover its most powerful trends: the terroir has undoubtedly left its mark on this Ventoux, and its stony side is proof. Liquorice is present, discreet yet obvious, blending with shimmering tannins; the grapes were obviously harvested at perfect maturity. Vegetal notes, reminiscent of shrubland, give this wine a wild side although the fruit remains dominant, delivering devastating freshness. One could take one's time drinking such a wine, but the crispness of the fruit keeps calling us back - a taste that is hard to resist.

Serve slightly cool, 16-18 °C with grilled meats, a delicious terrine or a flank steak with shallots; simple yet effective…