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Surface area
1 hectare.

1OO% Viognier.

Early September. The monitoring of grape maturity begins one month before the harvests. Hand picking and selection.

Temperature-controlled natural fermentation, malolactic fermentation is blocked for enhanced fruitness and to preserve primary aromas and a certain freshness.

3 years.

Viognier 2O17
A slightly golden colour with pale green highlights.
The nose is still a bit closed, but a certain “potential” can already be felt. From vintage to vintage, this Viognier is atypical; don't expect to have an explosion of exotic fruit upon opening the bottle, as in most cases for a southern viognier. There is more complexity, body and structure, the wine is sunnier; it is most likely the terroir expressing itself as well as the very long experience and highly-qualified expertise in vinifying white wines at the Juliette Avril Estate. The aromas are reminiscent of white flowers, then rapidly turn towards acacia, then finishing up with quince. The wine is gradually awakening...

Our advice would be to not serve this vintage too cold, which traps the aromas, but rather at a temperature of 10-12 degrees which is more favourable for white wines with a certain structure and a good “middle palate”.
Delicious served as an aperitif wine, with tapas, clams, quiches, etc.